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CLOC has been a specialist security printer for just over 4 decades. We currently work with 8 separate examination boards, several Local Authorities, various Legal and Financial Firms, as well as numerous Court Houses. Over the past 40 years we have developed a set of standards designed to prevent any compromise with regards to the security of client data and proprietary information. These standards have remained unbroken since their creation and have enabled CLOC to become one of the UK’s most widely trusted security printers.


Practical steps to enhance security include the incorporation of confidentiality clauses within our conditions of employment, extensive hardware and software technology at our secure production site, as well as very closely-guarded staff selection and training methods. We are also proud of our excellent record in staff retention, which without question helps ensure the integrity and confidentiality of our client’s products.


CLOC is accredited to ISO 27001, a copy of our certificate can be found in the 'DOCS / LINKS' section of this website.

Whilst CLOC never divulge the full sum of our security features, if you select the blue padlock, you'll be directed to some content that should prove useful.


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