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Whether you require scanning services to help free-up some much needed floor space or are looking for a partner to provide complete Document Management, our team will find a solution that meets your objectives and stays within budget.


Regardless of the size of the opportunity or indeed the size of the organisation requiring our services, our approach is based upon several key considerations:

  • How will the data be received by CLOC?

  • Does the data require any preparation before use?

  • How should erroneous data be treated?

  • How will the data be indexed?

  • How will the indexed data be accessed by the customer?

  • Who takes ownership of the data when at CLOC?

  • What storage - both physical and digital - is required?

  • Once the data has been utilised, is it then returned to the customer or destroyed?


Given our considerable experience in this area, CLOC offers several options for each of the above points. The solution really can be very complicated indeed or extremely basic – whatever chimes with your organisation.


All document shredding, incinerating, data-management and indexing is carried out in accordance with our ISO 27001 accreditation. As are, all necessary collection and delivery services.


The most popular service we offer sees CLOC collect physical documents, scan and index all the relevant data to an agreed specification, then upload the data to a secure FTP link that synchs to indexing software already installed on the customer’s computer. CLOC then, at the customer’s request, either return the original documents, or destroy them by high-security shredding or where required, incineration.


Should you require more information or wish to speak to CLOC about an upcoming project you have, please email

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