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Being seen to be ‘green’ is so popular and so accessible nowadays that it can be tricky to separate your business from the competitors that don’t really care as much as they’d like everyone to think they do.


Thankfully, CLOC have received so many accolades, awards and accreditations over the past 10 years that it’s nigh-on-impossible for any competitor to keep pace with us. In fact, we are widely regarded as being pioneers in this arena and have even gone as far as opening-up a sizable chunk of our policies and captured-data to our peers to help push the whole trade along in the right direction.


Like the majority of our more credible competitors, CLOC is certified to ISO 14001, however, that’s generally where the similarities end:

Green Apple Award. Presented to CLOC

at the House of Commons - 2009

5 Star Member of the much acclaimed Green Organisation

Green Apple Award. Presented to CLOC 

at the House of Commons - 2011

Green Apple Award 2018 Logo.jpg

Green Apple Award. Presented to CLOC 

at the House of Commons - 2018

Green Apple Award. Presented to CLOC at the House of Commons - 2013

Awarded to CLOC in recognition of our Environmental Best Practices

National Green Hero. 

Presented to CLOC at a ceremony at the

Tower of London

Awarded for innovations made within the UK Print Industry

National Green Hero. Presented to CLOC at a ceremony at the

Tower of London

CLOC is a Founding Member of Partners in Protecting the Planet

In particular, the areas where we’ve achieve the most and impacted our customers and peers most profoundly are as follows:

  • Commuter arrangements

  • Recycling methods

  • Production methods (Lithographic, Digital and Finishing)

  • Delivery methods

  • Electronic document automation

  • Material procurement and usage

  • Waste production and removal

  • Energy and water consumption and management

  • Vehicle procurement

  • Plant procurement

  • Carbon offsetting


Having CLOC in your supply chain is a great way to show  the world how much you care about the environment!

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