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CLOC offer a hand-holding service through the murky world of merchandise sourcing and production. We’ve done all the leg work for you and know the best places to procure items that will suit your requirements whether you’re focus is price, quality, turnaround, environmental-impact or just how novel/memorable the item is.


We offer a range of more than 1000 items that cover everything from pens and stress-balls, through to umbrellas and branded confectionary. You will only ever have to deal with CLOC and we’ll walk you through the whole process.


If you are short of space but still want to order in bulk to reduce unit cost, fear not! We have plenty of storage space available at CLOC and can link your items to your own bespoke online ordering platform for you to call off as and when required. This is something we do for almost all of our customers and some of the larger organisation that use CLOC for merchandise, have more than 100 lines in store at CLOC at any one time.


Should you wish to discuss merchandise, promotional materials or point-of-sale items, please email

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