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CLOC benefits from having a broad and extensive range of available production options and processes, all of which are accredited to ISO 9001. We have digital, lithographic and web production at our finger tips, as well as one of the most complete finishing setups in the country. This allows us to accommodate orders that dramatically vary in size and complexity.


For short-run production or for items that require variable content, we utilise our extensive fleet of digital presses. At full capacity - which incidentally we always run around 25% under to accommodate sudden urgent requests - we can comfortably produce 1.8 billion A4 sides per annum.


For larger run orders, we use significant lithographic and web-production technology including a 4-colour B2 press, a 6-colour B1 press and even a 12-colour perfecting B1 press.


CLOC invest more than 20% of our annual profits into new techology and plant. It's through this procurement strategy that we have developed a plant list that sees us outsource less than 4% of our annual orders.


Did you know…

CLOC offers a Print Manager service that helps UK organisations place printed items oversees. We’ve done all of the leg work for you and have well-established framework agreements in place with businesses in both Europe and the Far East. What’s more, you’ll only ever have to deal with CLOC.

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