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16th July - We are very proud to be the sponsors for this prestigious award


In these unusual times of closed offices and institutions.

Our vast digital print capacity is being used in many new and exciting ways.

With business partners, office staff, students and clients now working from home or residing across several addresses, CLOC have been asked on a daily basis to print just about every type of product and singularly deliver to multiple residential locations.

Helping to keep businesses and learning communicated and working.

If you believe that this service may help your organisation, please email or phone the team: or 0208 801 6983 to discuss your exact requirements.

We provide this service not just for the UK, but for the whole World.

parcel delivery_with heading.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                 Delivery partners.

The successful installation of another i Gen 5 press in June 2020, takes our high volume digital presses

to a total of 7, significantly increasing our production capacity.


Our public facing, online book printing platform achieved a substantial growth of 138%, during the pandemic (compared to the same period last year).  With a sizeable ordering spike from Northern America, underlining that small publishing

is still growing year on year, despite the current

World economic volatility.   

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