We have systematically changed the way Environmentalists view modern day printing companies.


We back our concerns with disciplined action; carving the path for others to follow.


Looking after the Environment makes a whole lot more than just ‘business sense’. Today’s decisions affect the future of our planet, our species and our families. We feel strongly that the responsibility of promoting ‘green thinking’ lies as much with Businesses as it does Governments. CLOC has received numerous awards and high-praise for our approach to tackling Environmental issues thus demonstrating what can be achieved with the right mind set.  Recent achievements:
  • CLOC have been finalists in the ‘Best Environmental Business’ category at the London Environmental Awards for the past 2 years and are confident of victory for 2010.
  • In November 2009 CLOC received the International Green Apple Award at a ceremony in the House of Commons. This momentous occasion put CLOC on the International map and has meant that we are widely recognised amongst the UK’s most eco-responsible organisations.
  • Our Environmental Team have also had a successful 2009 individually with the firms Environmental Champion being awarded the ‘Highly Commended Young Businessmen of the Year Award’ at the 2009 London Business Awards.
  • We have been invited to join the ‘International Green Heroes’ for Q1 2010. This is a proud honour for the firm as it means that our journals, procedures and policies are to be published in ‘The Green Book’ and used to influence business all over Europe.
  • In Q3 2009 our Environmental Champion was awarded the honour of being asked to judge an internationally recognised Environmental Award, such has been his contribution to the sector.
  •  CLOC have become 4 star members of The Green Organisation.
The future: As well as the 23 short-term objectives we have set for 2010, our long-term ambitions are to make CLOC carbon neutral by totally offsetting our footprint. Ways in which we intend to achieve this include the planting of broad-leaf trees. We feel that while this is clearly a sizeable aim, it is the natural path our business should follow and something all at CLOC consider well within our capabilities.

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